Apparel & Promotional Products

We have full line catalogs available for our customers for any apparel or promotional items. If you prefer the online viewing versus printed paper catalogs, you can view many of them online via the links below:

Embroidery / Screen Print / Transfers

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Promotional Items:

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Some art is available to assist in your design, typically all our work is custom

Some clipart elements are available to assist you at

ViZual Express decorates your apparel in house! Low volumes via transfers, high volumes via screen printing and higher end business impressions via embroidery.

With two complete embroidery machines in house, we can help you make a classy impression on your customers. Whether it is 1 piece or 1000 pieces, we can handle the job. 

Embroidery on shirts, hats, jackets, coats and bags done in-house. We also digitize in house. We can do a name starting at $3.00, a left chest starting at $6.00 and full jacket backs starting at $25.00. Cost is depending on size and complexity. Embroidery is priced by number of stitches in your design.

Send us your logo for an estimate at  or call us and we will assist you with design too!

Screen Printing
Our in-house screen printing offers you a way to advertise your business or outfit your sports team economically. With a small 12 piece minimum again to 1000 pieces or more, we can print 1 to 6 colors on one side or both. 

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 We retain your 

screens for future use once you are established. Often we can save you money by using the shirt color as part of the design.

This offers you a low volume method to create a custom product for that special occassion or person. Also a means of adding names and numbers to your teams products.  Shirts, hats, bags, jackets and so on can be tailored with the wording of your choice. We do not offer picture type products due to the poor durability of those items. That just isn't our style,,,we want products to last for our customers.