About Us

Mission Statement
Vizual Express is committed to the goal of total customer affection,
not only satisfaction, in every visual communication we produce.
Through growth, quality and service, applying values of integrity,
imagination, curiosity, we will surprise not only please them.
We believe satisfied customers build success and personal satisfaction.
Every customer will have a great experience!
Our measurement of success will be when the customers reply;

Businesses all over depend on us for total sign, screen printing, embroidery and promotional item solutions. We use state-of-the-art, computer-aided, digital and cnc controlledsign making and embroiderysystems and techniques to create high-impact, cost effective signs and apparel that produce resultsour clients can get excited about.We have done work throughout the state of Ohio and shipped product throughout the entire country.

The best part is that we do it all for you. Many of our clients just give us the text or information they want and at times even just the concept they are trying to convey and we do the entire project from concept to completion, andtheyreceive the final product and walk away with extra time to focus on their business and its demands.

We are business people,business minded ready to help you, our clients make wise business decisions.We are compiling the experiences of thousands of businesses for you and the solutions we developed for them to assist in meeting your needs. Approaches that have been proven successful for them and may help you avoid costly mistakes. We get very excited to not only just be a part of your project, but to see your reaction when you realize you have chosen the best of the best to help your business grow.

We are a sincere quality and service driven company. Our objective is to make it right the first time, every time and on time. We strive to producethe very best quality products with the best materials in a reasonable time that are cost effective. There may be "cheaper" products, but they are just that! Try to make you aware of the right material choices and allow you to make the final decision. Regardless of the selection, we will make it the best it can be.

Vizual Express is a locally owned and operated family business. With over 50 years of combined experience in signs, screen printing and embroidery from a large knowledge base and diverse backgrounds, we are prepared to provide a wide range of support and understanding to yourbusiness. The Vizual Express team has knowledge, experience and education in graphic design, engineering, drafting/CAD, manufacturing and fabrication processes, CNC equipment, maintenance, business management, marketing, advertising, retail, painting, materials management, finance and computer technologies. In addition, weunderstand your sporting and racing requirements, we have been there too! With the vast experiences, we elected to open our own full service companyin 2001 and have now completed over 21,000 jobs.

Our intent is to work with you on all your projects today and into the future. We don't want just a job, but a relationship! Thus, to better support you, we continue to gain education on new technologies and bring modernequipment into our facility. Which allows us to control quality and delivery times in-house. As members of the International Sign Association and the Sign Biz Network, wewill continue to grow toward becoming your world class sign company. We want to grow together and create a long lasting relationship!

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