Order Process

Some art is available to assist in your design, typically all our work is custom

Some clipart elements are available to assist you at  vizualexpress.yourartpages.com

Orders may be initiated by phone, fax, email, at your location or personally in our shop. It is always nice to see examples or samples of products which is best done right here at our shop. But on larger sign projects it may certainly be advantagous for us to meet at your location.  Please contact us via email or phone and we will gladly contact you to establish a schedule to review your needs. Or stop in our lobby to see some of our products and options to give your project a unique twist! 

ViZual Express phone is (740) 223-0800;  fax is (740) 223-0801;  email is info@vizualexpress.com  and our shop is located at 440 E. Center St.  Marion, OH 43302

Proper Planning and proofing is the Foundation at ViZual Express. We prefer time on projects to proof everything, to assure we are both on the same track with a project.

Even small jobs, we prefer to provide you with proofs (printed layouts with design and colors) prior to producing your products. Which reduces risks that we and you can certainly live without. Thus, you see a likeness of the product and have the opportunity to adjust it to your liking prior to producing it. Also, we can provide options that you may desire.

On larger projects, we require advance proofs and renderings to assure we are both on the same wave length with the project. It also assists us to more accurately cost the project and try our best to foresee any short comings or difficulties which may become issues as the project progresses.

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This sort of upfront sign creation and installation planning will insure your sign installation goes as smoothly as possible. ViZual Express will take care of things every step of the way. From concept to sign installation. ViZual Express  strives to exceed your expectations by reducing or eliminating those unwelcome surprises.

Smaller Sign/Screen Print/Embroidery Process:
Initial meeting to discuss needs, including (colors, fonts, layout, size).
Measurements of signable or vehicle area(s).
Preliminary proof(s) with options & cost(s) if desired.
Review of proofs confirm selection/direction.
Revisions to and approval of proof(s).
Approval of proofs by customer with deposit.
Produce product.
Schedule installation, ship product or contact customer for pickup.
Completion photos, recieve final payment or submit invoice. 

Larger Sign Project Process:

Initial meeting to discuss sign and installation needs.
Preliminary photo survey and measurements of signable area(s).
Concept drawing(s) for Customer approval based on Landlord sign criteria and what local sign code will allow.
Revisions to and approval of concept drawing(s).
Cost proposal submitted and approved with deposit on project.
Approval of drawing by Landlord.
Sign permit applications submitted to local municipalities.
Conduct detailed pre-production site survey of location & contact OUPS if required.
Production drawings prepared and submitted to shop once sign permits are approved.
Scheduling installation and coordinating electric feed with Electrician for electric sign(s).
Sign(s) Installation!
Completion photos and sign off forms submitted with invoice.

ViZual Express is a reliable sign installation company. Call (740) 223-0800 for a free proof drawing and estimate.